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Here are some of the other projects I'm currently working on when I'm not out with the camera.

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MapMyPHOTO is a community website whereby photographers can share their favourite locations for others to enjoy. First hand advice is always the best but can be hard to obtain through conventional means: books, magazines, forums, photo-sharing websites.


Thus MapMyPHOTO is different; it makes it easy for photographers to share relevant information to help other photographers seek new locations armed with the best information.

If you want to know more about MapMyPHOTO or are interested in advertising visit the website at

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Warwickshire Websites is a web development company specialising in providing affordable online solutions for small businesses and startups.


WarwickshireWebsites was born out of a passion to provide small business and startups with great online solutions and not cost the earth! We aim to build awesome websites that are not only eye catching but also provide a great user experience.

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